Best Cities For Seniors to Age in Place

By Ruby Cemental

Every city has its perks, but there are some cities that are simply great locations for seniors to age in place. Here are a few examples, along with what makes them desirable for seniors.

Top Cities for Seniors

  1. Toledo, OH. If you like to stay active, recreation is available in abundance with the many parks and golf courses. When it comes to access to hospitals, you have your choice of many Joint Commission-accredited centers.

  2. Syracuse, NY. Hopefully you will never have to give up driving. But if you do, Syracuse is a very walkable city. If you are retiring on low-to-moderate funds, you will enjoy the low cost of living this city boasts.

  3. Rochester, MN. Mayo Clinic raises the bar when it comes to medical care. That might explain why this small metro area has such a great life-expectancy rate for people 65 years of age and older. Seniors will also feel at ease knowing the crime rate is low.

  4. Fargo, ND. You might choose to keep working during your golden years. If so, you will be among many others that do the same as part of Fargo's workforce. 

  5. Gainesville, FL. If you already live in Gainesville, there isn't much greener grass to be found elsewhere. Aging-in-place there, you can continue enjoying the good health care, job opportunities, transportation system. 

  6. Provo, UT: The senior population, which makes up 6.88% of the total population of Provo, is extremely well-educated. They are also technologically aware, with an 80% senior user rate of the internet. The senior population is largely living in their own homes and has access to an abundance of healthcare workers.

  7. Madison, WI: Madison has a thriving senior sector, ample access to quality healthcare, complete with Alzheimer's, geriatric, and rehab equipped hospitals, and a fitness-conscious community. 

  8. Durham-Chapel Hill, NC: The hospitals are among the best in the nation, and Durham-Chapel Hill offers specialty care services geared toward seniors. There are many religious centers and civic organizations that foster a social community well-suited for seniors wishing to maintain close contacts with others. 

  9. Blacksburg, VA: Being a college town, the economy is always booming. There are parks, arts and cultural events, and senior programs to keep you busy. However, it still very much has a small town feel. 

  10. Apache Junction, AZ: Open space and a beautiful mountain view await you in Apache Junction. And you won't have to worry about shoveling snow ever again. Along with the scenery, the low violent crime rate contributes to residents' peace of mind.

  11. Jackson, MS: This city offers affordable living communities for active seniors, music, museums, theater, and more put this capital city of Mississippi above much of the competition.

  12. Beaufort, SC: Golfing and fishing can be enjoyed almost the entire year. And, unlike many places seniors tend to move to, there is a nice population of families to interact with if you prefer a mixture of age groups.

  13. Abilene, TX: Year-round warm weather, a low crime rate, and a desirably low cost-of-living are just a few reasons Abilene is a prime location for seniors.

  14. Boise, ID: Active seniors can find plenty to do outdoors in Boise. Add to that the shopping, dining, cultural activities, and low crime rate, and you have a great place for older ones to call home.

While it might be necessary to move to another city, think about what your current city has to offer for older ones. You might realize that you, like many other seniors, are in a great location for aging-in-place.

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