Best Apps for Seniors

By Michelle Cemental

Technology creates a mobile environment where everyone can feel included. Just because seniors didn't grow up with smartphones doesn't mean that they can't use them. There are apps designed to help seniors with daily life and entertainment. Check out these helpful apps that can create a great experience for seniors on iPhone or Android.


When it comes to keeping your mind active, Lumosity is an innovative and fun brain-training app that is great for seniors who need a mental workout. Hundreds of games and puzzles help to engage your brain in a digestible and quick-to-learn format.


Keeping in touch with loved ones and seeing the grandchildren doesn't require a plane ticket or bus ride. Skype is a great way for seniors to see their family over video or audio calls, meaning that a quick "hello" is only one call away.


Pillboxie is simple; it allows seniors to set reminder times for when them need to take  pills. Customize medications by color and drag them into sectioned areas to quickly organize your daily or weekly prescriptions. This app can be a lifesaver for seniors who need a small medication reminder. 


Even seniors need to keep track of their finances! Finding a reliable finance app can be difficult with so many options to choose from, but Mint provides a user-friendly experience while accurately keeping track of expenses and investments.The desktop version can also be accessed from a computer, so seniors have access to their information on any platform.

Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone app is a great addition to Apple's free app suite, allowing users the ability to track a lost iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. This means that even if an item is left at a restaurant or family member's home, it can still be tracked and found with ease. this app is particularly useful for seniors who may be getting a little forgetful. 

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