21 Activities for Seniors and the Grandkids

By Ruby Cemental

Spending time with the grandkids gives grandparents a chance to get out of the house and have some fun, and sometimes you don't even have to go any further than your own backyard. Here are great outdoor activities for seniors and the grandkids to try:

  1. Pick flowers with the grandchildren and make flower arrangements to display in the home.

  2. Most kids find professional golfing boring, but mini golf is always a hit. Visit a mini golf course to see who can get the most hole-in-ones.

  3. Play a variation of volleyball with a balloon. You can set up a net or just take turns hitting the balloon ball around the yard. Blowing up the balloon is almost an activity in itself as kids will probably want to fill the balloon as much as possible but might need help tying it up.

  4. Even if you can't hoist yourself up into a tree anymore, you likely have fond memories of climbing trees. Teaching the grandkids how to climb trees allows them to experience this novelty with a grownup present.

  5. Go to a local lake or river for an adventure. There might be canoes, paddle boats, rowboats and more in your area.

  6. When at a pond or another body of water, take the chance to show the grandkids how to skip rocks. If you don't know how, you can all try to learn together.

  7. When it gets dark, venture out to collect fireflies.

  8. Going to the movies is an age-old family tradition, but it can get expensive with today's box office prices. Of course, if you go to a matinee showing, and get both a kid's and senior's discount, you might save enough money to get some popcorn without busting your budget.

  9. Grandparents and grandkids alike need to get out of the house, and there's nowhere better than the park. Whether it's running around on the jungle gym, or hiking the trails, a little fresh air will do you good.

  10. Spend time in the kitchen. The ability to enjoy some quality time in the kitchen while both working on a tasty project can make good memories that last for years.

  11. Try playing video games together. Start a Wii Sports tournament and step into your grandkids' arena.

  12. An afternoon at the duck pond can be one of those things that kids go on about for days. It could even become a tradition, and turn into something they do with their children and grandchildren when the time comes.

  13. Combining the feeling of home with the fresh air and sunshine, summer is a great time to work in the garden. The grandparents get the weeding done faster, and the kids can learn about what makes things grow.

  14. Make art together. So you have a budding Van Gogh on your hands! Stock up on the supplies and look into parent/child art classes at the YMCA or a local art store.

  15. Check your local library for details on the summer reading program and ask your parents to help the kids meet their goals. Make sure you take Grandma and Grandpa with you when you use the pizza coupons, too!

  16. Is your grandchild under confident in the water? Nothing says "I'm here for you" quite like Grandpa's strong arms helping your little one stay afloat.

  17. Treasure hunts are a great way to pique curiosity. There are attics and basements to be explored! Ask your parents to give the kids a list of things to look for and they'll soon discover buried treasure.

  18. Tell stories! Even when you think your kids aren't paying attention, they are and it is shaping who they will become. Storytelling gives your parents a sense of purpose and give the kids more role models worth mimicking. The entire family will feel the benefits.

  19. Dig out pictures of your kids when they were your grandkids' age. Children love seeing their parents as their peers, and they enjoy hearing the stories. So talk about some of the things their parents did growing up. Embarrass them a little.

  20. Grab some karaoke CDs with some of their favorite songs and put them in the CD player. If you really want to go all out, purchase a karaoke machine and hook it up to the TV. Encourage everyone to sing their heart out, even if they don't know the words.

  21. Have a picnic. No need to venture any further than your own backyard. Don’t forget the picnic basket!

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