5 Ways to Prevent the Common Cold

By Ruby Cemental

There's nothing worse than the common cold. This is especially true for seniors, who may be more vulnerable to illnesses as they age. If you're looking to keep your elderly loved ones healthy, consider the following 5 methods to prevent the common cold.

1. Cleanliness 

Practicing good hygiene is probably the most effective way to stave off a cold, because when we don't wash, brush our teeth, etc., we allow germs to accumulate. The same is true for living spaces as well; scraps of food or expired leftovers can leave spores that can cause sickness. Dirt, grime, dust and mold can also cause illnesses. Regular bathing and housekeeping goes a long way in fighting illness.

2. Proper Nutrition

A balanced diet that provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals can improve the ability to fight off a cold. Vitamin C is especially important, but Zinc is also key when a cold is coming on.

If you or a loved one needs help maintaining a balanced diet, our professional caregivers can help. We can prepare meals for you that are tasty and nutritious to ensure that you are getting the abundance of vitamins and minerals that you need.

3. Social & Emotional Health

Positive time with friends and loved ones bolsters our emotional health, which strengthens the body against infection. This is due to the chemicals that get released into the body when hormones are triggered by social stimuli. 

Seniors are more prone to isolation and depression due to lack of energy, health challenges, and other difficulties. However, it's important

4. Avoid Stress

Stress creates the 'fight or flight' response, which while immensely helpful in the short term, causes damage to the body and makes it more vulnerable to infection if it is triggered more often. Relax! 

If you find yourself getting stressed, try doing activities that help calm you down — take a bath, go on a walk, read, rest, watch a movie, etc.

5. Rest & Recharge

Being well rested increases the odds of staying healthy, so don't skip on the sleep! If you are having difficulties sleeping, evaluate your bedtime ritual. Things like drinking tea or taking a bath before bed can help improve your sleep. You may also want to discuss this with your doctor.

While these tips can help you avoid a cold, there is still a chance that you might get sick. If you do, try our recipe for Grandpa's Hotty Toddy!

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