5 Reasons Not To Miss Your Follow-Up Appointment

By Ruby Cemental

There can be no denying the fact that a doctor's visit can be one of those things in life that you would rather avoid. Many seniors have difficulty physically making it to their physician's office and often find it tiring to spend the amount of time usually required for such a visit. So, it may be tempting to ignore your doctor's advice to come in for a follow-up appointment. But there are compelling reasons to heed your doctor's advice. Here are 5 reasons to make your follow-up appointment:

1. More Information

Everyone has done it. You sit in your doctor's exam room listening to his/her diagnosis of your condition. You are a little nervous, so you may not hear and comprehend everything that is said in that initial visit. You get home and think of many questions you wish you had asked the doctor. Fortunately, your follow-up visit allows you time to get the answers to those questions you have.

2. Test Results

If your doctor ordered lab tests on your initial visit, it is possible that your diagnosis or treatment options might change when he/she receives the test results. Your follow-up visit will likely include a discussion of those test results and what they mean for your treatment.

3. Discuss Medication Issues

Occasionally, the medications originally prescribed to treat your issue may have unexpected or undesirable side effects. Your follow-up appointment is an ideal time to discuss your concerns about any new medications. It is also a good time to confirm the instructions for how to take the medications properly.

4. Additional Medical Issues

On an initial doctor's visit, it is easy to become focused on one issue and forget about other things you want to discuss with your doctor. A follow-up visit allows you time to write down the other issues which might have a bearing on your treatment options and overall medical care and discuss them calmly with your doctor.

5) Proactive Care

Keeping your follow-up appointment with your doctor indicates your willingness to take appropriate steps to handle your medical care. Understanding that your doctor is one of the most important resources to help you deal with medical issues that arise will keep you motivated to maintain a good line of communication with him/her.

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