5 Easy Costume Ideas for Seniors

By Michelle Cemental

Halloween is a fun time of year that signifies costumes galore! If you're thinking about dressing up with a senior loved one this year, try some of these great costume ideas! They will have aging loved ones feeling great and enjoying the season.

1. Embrace the Crazy Cat Lady Look

Know a senior who loves her kitties? Pick up a bag full of stuffed cats. Then safety pin them to a bathrobe for a crazy cat lady look that will inspire giggles all evening long. This costume idea can be pretty inexpensive, especially if you already have a bathrobe and some cat stuffed animals. 

2. Swap Roles

You've seen plenty of costumes where kids dress up as seniors. Now, let your senior dress up as a kid! Invite them to pick out a costume that reflects the younger generation. You can opt for an outfit from a grandchild's closet or dress up as a stereotypical millennial with trendy clothes and headphones. You can also take the outfit to the next level and dress up as a toddler or baby. 

3. Use the Wheelchair

Do you have a senior loved one who will be spending Halloween in a wheelchair? Turn the chair into part of the costume. Here are some ideas:

  • Decorate the wheelchair like a go-kart and let your loved one be the driver. You can dress them up as a character from Mario Kart or a favorite NASCAR racer.
  • Turn the chair into the Iron Throne from the Red Keep in Game of Thrones.
  • Use cardboard box as a DJ table. Decorate it with some records and spray paint for an awesome DJ costume.
  • Turn the wheelchair into the Tardis from Doctor Who, using some cardboard boxes and paint

4. Be a Famous Figure

The Queen of England? Walter White? Colonel Sanders? The list of potential Halloween costumes based on famous individuals is endless. Choose a costume that speaks to your senior loved one and incorporates their personality and their sense of fun. Often, they may already have the right clothes hanging in the back of their closet!

5. Go the Superhero Route

Superheroes are for everyone! Let your senior loved one pick their favorite superhero. Then dress them up in that costume. You can buy a cheap costume Amazon or a local costume shop. But you can also make your own with stuff you have around the house. You can fashion a cape out of a sheet. Underwear on the outside of the pants is optional, but fake muscles are a must! 
With Halloween almost here, there's plenty of fun to be had. If you need help caring for your senior loved one during Halloween, contact a Caring team near you today to learn how we can help your family.

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