15 Gifts to Get Your Grandparents for Christmas

By Ruby Cemental

2020 has been a hard year, and the pandemic may be putting a damper on your holiday spirits as well. Many places are still locked down to protect individuals from the virus. You may not be able to visit with your family like normal, which could mean missing out on time with your beloved grandparents or fun aunts and uncles. But that doesn’t mean that this Christmas can’t be merry! Giving gifts is a great way to make the holiday season brighter. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right gift idea — especially for grandparents, who seem to have everything they need already. But don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of the best gift ideas for seniors this Christmas.

1. Mini Gardening Kit

There’s something satisfying about harvesting herbs from your own garden. Seniors will love receiving a mini gardening kit full of herbs that they use frequently. And small herb gardens are something that they can cultivate indoors. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Brand: Spade To Fork

Source: Amazon

Price: $34.97

2. Window Bird Feeder

Many seniors tend to appreciate nature more as they get older. Some spend hours sitting on their porch or just looking out the window. Bring nature a bit closer to home with a window bird feeder. It can bring birds right up to the glass for close viewing.

Brand: Birdicious

Source: Amazon

Price: $30.68

3. Conversation Starters

To keep the conversation going with your grandparents — even over the phone or on a video chat — give them this box of conversation starters. They will help you both get to know each other a little better and foster love and appreciation.

Brand: TableTopics

Source: Amazon

Price: $25.00

4. Engraved Cookbook Holder

Most grandmas are known for their cooking. The recipe just doesn’t taste as good when you make one of her recipes. To show her how much you love her cooking, give her this engraved cutting board that doubles as a stand for an iPad, tablet, or cookbook.

Brand: GK Personal-Touch Premium Creations

Source: Amazon

Price: $49.99

5. Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

After a long day, your grandparents will love putting their feet into these slippers. They feature massage buttons that push on pressure points, resulting in ultimate relaxation. These slippers may also help soothe pain due to neuropathy, arthritis, and more.


Source: Amazon

Price: $26.99

6. Coffee Mug Warmer

No one likes to drink their hot drinks after they’ve cooled down. Whether your grandpa likes his morning coffee or afternoon tea, help him ensure that his drink is always the right temperature. This beverage warmer is compact and will certainly come in handy.


Source: Amazon

Price: $39.99

7. Vinegar Sampler

Help your grandparents experience new flavors with a fun food sampler. We love this balsamic vinegar sampler with 6 bottles of bold flavors. Balsamic vinegar is perfect for drizzling over salads or for making delicious marinades.

Brand: Kouzini

Source: Amazon

Price: $21.99

8. Natural Soap

Everyone deserves to feel pampered — regardless of their age. Try gifting your grandparents a set of natural soap. These soap bars smell amazing and help moisturize the skin. Plus, they even have an invigorating exfoliant inside.

Brand: Bali Soap

Source: Amazon

Price: $15.95

9. Candle Making Set

A good candle can create a peaceful atmosphere. Give this DIY candle making set to your grandparents so they can experiment with aromas to find the perfect scent! This kit comes with everything they will need to create lovely candles.

Brand: Revival Homestead Supply

Source: Uncommon Goods

Price: $38.00

10. Armrest Organizer

Give your grandparents something that is practical: an armrest organizer. It can hold the TV remote, their iPad, notebooks, phones, pens, and more. This gift can help keep your loved one safe since they won’t have to get up and look around for items in their home — they can all be within arm’s reach.

Brand: Joywell

Source: Amazon

Price: $25.99

11. Life Story Book

Encourage your grandparents to reflect on their life and record meaningful moments with the My Life Story book. It’s a journal that provides prompts for your loved one. When they’ve filled it out, your family will have a treasure that can be passed down for generations.

Brand & Source: Uncommon Goods

Price: $30.00

12. Quirky Eyeglass Holder

It seems like some seniors are always looking for their glasses. Help your grandparents create a home for their glasses when they aren’t wearing them with this quirky glasses stand. There are a number of fun stands that are as decorative as they are functional.


Source: Amazon

Price: $6.50

13. Heated Blanket

Help keep your grandparents from getting cold with a heated blanket. These blankets have an adjustable temperature setting and come in a variety of colors. Plus, they are super soft, so your loved one will stay cozy whenever they’re in it.

Brand: Sunbeam

Source: Amazon

Price: $49.95

14. Heated Lotion Dispenser

And while we are talking about heated items, why not give your grandparents a heated lotion dispenser? The warmth can help lotion penetrate deeper into the skin, and it just feels nice and will give your loved ones a spa experience at home.

Brand: Conair

Source: Amazon

Price: $22.68

15. Shower Bench

The shower can be a dangerous place for seniors because they are prone to fall on slick surfaces. Ease your mind by giving your grandparents this contemporary bamboo shower bench. It can be used as extra storage or as a place to sit and rest.

Brand: VaeFae

Source: Amazon

Price: $34.99

We hope that your holidays can be merry and bright this year and that these gift ideas can help your loved ones feel how much you care. If a senior in your live needs assistance during this season, feel free to reach out to our senior care experts. We are here to keep seniors healthy, happy, and at home.

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