Top Activities for Seniors in Raleigh

By Caring Senior Service

Seniors today are more ready than ever to fill their retirement years with enjoyable pastimes and activities they love. Seniors enjoy a variety of activities from exercise classes to shopping trips or even picking up new friends or picking up a new hobby. 

The following are 3 activities that seniors will enjoy in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh Parks & Recreational Services

The Raleigh Parks & Recreational Specialized Recreation Services are proud to offer seniors a variety of different activities to participate in throughout the year. Over 3,500 seniors participate in these activities on an annual basis. Some of these activities your loved ones can participate in include bowling, fitness, golf, and tennis to name a few. All activities that the program provides are open to all seniors aged 55+. 

Seniors Got Talent

Seniors Got Talent showcases some of the best senior talents from throughout Raleigh, NC. Moreover, there are great prizes to compete for that can include cash up to amounts of $1,000! Seniors can participate through a variety of different organizations including retirement communities, senior centers, home care agencies, and independent seniors from around the area. They even attract some seniors from around the country that also come to participate! Most importantly, it's about coming out and having fun doing something you love!

Fitness Events at the Rex Wellness Center

Activities are run by others who want to get out, have a good time, participate in a few fitness-related activities, and meet others their own age. Some of these activities include line dancing classes, badminton, table tennis, and tai chi, and other activities that allow seniors to get up, get out, and move with their peers.  Exercise is great for everyone and these classes at the Rex Wellness Center are free to seniors who want to get involved.

These are just a few options for activities for seniors in the Raleigh area. Getting out and staying active and meeting new people is great at any age including in your senior years. Encourage your loved one to get out, get involved, and have some fun! It sure does beat sitting around!

If you or a loved one needs additional assistance to enjoy these activities or to get around Raleigh, reach out to our care team. Our caregivers would love to help!

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