What Does Senior Care Cost in Dallas-Fort Worth?

By Caring Senior Service

Seniors often live on a fixed income, relying on retirement checks, social security, and savings. However, the rising cost of senior care can be a significant financial burden for seniors who require assistance or housing in a nursing home or senior living facility. In Dallas, the cost of living is below the national average for the United States, however, many seniors still struggle financially. To prepare for senior care, we’ve outlined the average costs for different types of accommodations for seniors.  

Assisted Living Costs 

Seniors who require some assistance with tasks of daily living or who no longer wish to maintain their own home may move into an assisted living facility. The average cost of a monthly stay in an assisted living facility $2,770 in Dallas. Of course, seniors can find cheaper options if they are willing to give up some amenities or share a room. But private rooms with high-quality amenities could cost them up to $4,500 each month.  

Nursing Home Costs 

Unfortunately, the cost of a nursing home is even more expensive due to the round-the-clock medical attention that is available. Nursing homes are designed for seniors who cannot safely live on their own and who require medical care to maintain their quality of life. A semi-private room costs around $3,750 per month in Dallas, while a private room costs over $5,000 each month.  

Home Care Costs 

Of course, there is another option. As seniors age, they may want to remain at home, surrounded by their memories, families, and possessions. Many long for the familiarity and comfort of home, and the idea of moving out scares them. Luckily, home care can allow a senior to age at home safely — at often at a better price than other senior care options.  

The average cost of a caregiver in Dallas is about $24 per hour. Many seniors may only require assistance a few hours a week or during specific hours of the day. Caregivers don’t have to be at the home 24/7 but can be more flexible and work around a senior’s preferences and needs. As a result, families could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on senior care for their loved one, while allowing them to age in place.  

For more information about how home care could be the right option for your loved one, reach out to our team today!  

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