Top Activities for Seniors in Dallas-Fort Worth

By Caring Senior Service

The senior population is rapidly growing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a result, seniors are looking for more things to do that are appropriate to their age and abilities. Luckily, this sprawling metroplex boasts a number of fun activities for seniors and their families. Here are just a few! 

Active Senior Adult Programs 

Dallas’s Parks and Recreation Department offers Active Senior Adult Programs (ASAP) for seniors looking to get out of the house. Activities include book clubs, weight training, volunteer opportunities, and more! This program is offered at the recreation centers around Dallas Monday through Thursday. Seniors will have a great time participating in enriching activities and connecting with those their age. 

Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum 

Many seniors enjoy museums and learning more about the past. Dallas is home to the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, which offers fantastic exhibits about the world’s history. Museums are also a great activity for seniors because they are indoors — and Dallas can get quite hot in the summer. Seniors can stay cool and explore the past at this quality museum. Plus, they offer a senior discount! 

Dallas World Aquarium 

Another major attraction in the area is the Dallas World Aquarium. While Dallas and Fort Worth also have zoos, we find the aquarium well suited for seniors because it is indoors. The aquarium houses several exhibits that explore different sea environments. Seniors can stay out of the heat and take a seat whenever they need to in this spacious aquarium. The aquarium does offer a senior discount, and tickets are $22.95 for adults ages 65+. 

George W. Bush Presidential Center 

Whether you liked the Bush family or not, the George W. Bush Presidential Center is an interesting attraction for seniors and historical buffs alike. The non-partisan public center has learning exhibits, which it rotates regularly. Plus, you can learn more about what it’s like to be president and lead a nation.  

Dallas Pedicab 

Want to explore the city but don’t want to walk around? A pedicab tour is a perfect excursion for a senior and their family. These tours are led by a team of cyclists, who do all the hard work for you. One of their most popular tours is through the Art District, where you can see some of the most iconic buildings downtown. This can be a great way for residents to see the city in a new way.  

If you or a loved one needs assistance to enjoy one of these activities safely, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the care we provide. 


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