In-Home Stroke Recovery Caregivers in New Braunfels

The recovery period after a stroke is lengthy, and stroke victims are often limited in their physical abilities, which makes it difficult to perform even the most routine tasks. Seniors recovering from a stroke can feel frustrated and overwhelmed by their limitations. They may feel upset or discouraged when they can’t accomplish simple tasks or enjoy the thing they love during their recovery time. Caring Senior Service provides in-home caregiving services in New Braunfels tailored to stroke recovery and rehabilitation.


Our Caregivers Create a Safe Environment

Due to balance and vision impairment, avoiding falls is a primary concern for seniors in New Braunfels recovering from a stroke. Creating a safe at-home environment is essential for maintaining safety for seniors as they recover and rehab from a stroke. Our specialized in-home caregivers help with everything from removing clutter and light housekeeping to assistance with mobility, exercise, and meal preparation.

Compassionate support and assistance with daily tasks makes a world of difference as seniors recover from stroke. New Braunfels’ top in-home caregivers are here to help seniors feel safe as they recover in a familiar and comfortable environment. We provide specialized training to ensure our caregivers are fully prepared to care for our seniors and help with stroke rehabilitation.

Medication Reminders

Our team of dedicated and experienced caregivers provide medication reminders to facilitate the recovery process after a stroke. They understand keeping up with additional medications may overwhelm seniors and interfere with their recovery. Our in-home caregivers in New Braunfels provide timely medication reminders to ensure seniors receive the medicine they need for healing. 

Meal Preparation

It’s also more difficult for seniors to prepare healthy and balanced meals after a stroke. As the most trusted in-home senior caregivers in New Braunfels, we will assist not only with stroke recovery and rehab, but also with grocery shopping, meal preparation, feeding, and cleaning up to ensure seniors receive the nutrition they need to heal and recover. 

If you would like to learn more about our New Braunfels Stroke Specialty Program, contact Caring Senior Service today.