What Does Senior Care Cost in New Braunfels?

By Caring Senior Service

Seniors are often faced with difficult choices when it comes time to figure out their living situations. Many seniors are retired and living on a fixed income, or struggling to work while living out their golden years at home. Many believe that they will have enough to put them in a nursing home or get care in an assisted living facility, but the cost of living can be high in New Braunfels, TX.

Cost of Living in New Braunfels

Living in New Braunfels may help seniors who are trying to stay on a budget. The cost of living is 9% below the national average, meaning senior scan get more for their money. However, seniors should still budget for the costs of long-term care. 

Assisted Living Costs

Seniors can expect to pay high prices in New Braunfels, Texas, if they wish to move into a home. The average cost to stay in an assisted living facility is between $1,450 and $4,500 per month. These cost vary depending on the type of care you need and the amenities offered by the facility. 

Nursing Home Costs

Seniors may need additional care, requiring them to move into a nursing home. The average cost of a nursing home is between $125 (for a semi-private room) to $170 (for a private room) per day. This cost can quickly add up! 

Additionally, assistant living facilities are not always the best choice, even if the senior has the cash to stay in one. Residents can be thrown out if the facility deems it necessary, and the rates are not always set in stone. It can be hard enough on the senior without having to worry about a plethora of issues once they are there.

Home Care Costs

Instead of the uncertainty of an outside facility, seniors can choose to have a caregiver come to their home and help them with daily activities. The average hourly rate for a caregiver in New Braunfels is $18 an hour, much less than a stay in the aforementioned facilities. Caregivers are available on an as-needed basis, making it easier for seniors to keep their cash in the bank where it belongs.

For more information on home care near you, refer to our services. Our caregivers are more than happy to help you or a loved one get the care you need. 

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