Lara Harris: 2022 Caring Senior Service Hedgehog Award Winner

By Caring News

The Hedgehog Award is the highlight of the Caring Senior Service Annual Owners Conference. It is a highly anticipated award presented to the business owner who most embodies the spirit and entrepreneurship of the Caring methodology.


The award is named after the fable, “The Fox and the Hedgehog,” in which the fox uses a variety of methods to attack the hedgehog while the hedgehog uses only one in his defense: curling up into a ball. This single, but highly effective, preservation method shows the hedgehog’s ability to focus on a single path.

This year’s winner was none other than Lara Harris, co-owner of the New Braunfels location. Lara is a second-generation Caring Senior Service owner and got her start working alongside her mother, Cathy Trlica, for the past 15 years.

“Lara has a huge heart for seniors, her caregivers and her staff,” CEO of Caring Senior Service, Jeff Salter, said. “She follows the Caring model and has helped lead our most successful Caring location for years while also caring for her own family. Like the hedgehog in the fable, Lara is a dedicated and focused individual who happily does her work and makes things happen.”

Jeff Salter and Lara Harris

Lara started working at Caring in 2007 to help her mom manage office duties. Since that time, she has worked in all facets of operation and has played a key role in the growth of the New Braunfels office, all while providing exceptional care and support to clients, caregivers, and office staff. In 2021, Lara was promoted to Agency Director and made co-owner of the business.

On a personal note, Lara has been married for 16 years and is the mother to two girls: Avery and Ally. She has a degree in interior design, which she has put to good use in the New Braunfels office space. Lara continues to develop her management and leadership skills through a Christian business leadership forum called C12, which she has been a member of for 5 years and on the CEO board for the last 2 years.

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