What Does Senior Care Cost in El Paso?

By Caring Senior Service

Seniors living in El Paso, TX, or considering a move there have the right idea. The cost of living in the city sits at 16.4% lower when compared to the national average. However, this doesn't mean that healthcare and retirement costs are any better than surrounding cities.

Seniors are already typically paying more towards medical bills and prescription costs, as seniors make up one-third of all Americans who are on prescription drugs. Factoring in the high costs of moving into a nursing home or other type of care facility can literally, in some cases anyway, bankrupt a senior, even one who is financially well off.

Assisted Living Costs

Seniors can expect to shell out between $1,550 to $4,300 per month if they move into an assisted living facility in this city. The average cost runs about $2,950 per month.

Nursing Home Costs

Seniors who wish to have a semi-private nursing home room should expect to pay $190 a day on average for it. For a private room, $215 a day is the going rate.

For many, the high costs of these types of facilities are reason enough to stay at home and go with other options.

Home Care Costs

Seniors who wish to spend their time in their own homes can hire a caregiver for just $25 per day to come in and help with needs such as running errands, cooking meals, and general housekeeping. A caregiver is a much cheaper alternative to moving out into a facility and allows seniors to maintain freedom in their own homes. In-home caregivers will provide seniors with the minor issues they need while saving them thousands of dollars.

For more information on home care near you, refer to our services. Our caregivers are more than happy to help you or a loved one get the care you need. 

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