Top Activities for Seniors in El Paso

By Caring Senior Service

Finding activities to do with family and friends is a favorite pastime of seniors 55+. Whether it is spending time with grandchildren, trying out their skills or learning something new, seniors can discover many exciting activities in the El Paso, TX area. We've searched among the activities to give you some good ideas that you can do throughout the year.


There are several great museums in El Paso, Texas. Here are some you will love to visit.

El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center

The El Paso Holocaust Museum is one of only 13 freestanding museums dedicated to the Holocaust. This bilingual museum is free to anyone to visit. Learn about local Holocaust survivors, take a 30-minute self-guided tour and come for special events. 

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Cultural Center and Museum

See dance performances, traditional bread-baking and visit the museum to learn more about the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo at this cultural center and museum. There are interactive exhibits, speakers, artists and group tours. You can also visit for special events to learn more about this Native American tribe.

El Paso Museum of Archaeology

Learn about pre-history the El Paso area, the greater Southwest, and northern Mexico at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology. Walk nature trails on the 15 acres, or see indoor and outdoor exhibits and dioramas and exhibits. Having an indoor and outdoor option makes this location great for seniors. 

Parks and Nature

Keystone Heritage Park and Botanical Gardens

Enjoy bird-watching, stroll through the Botanical Gardens or visit the Chihuahuan Desert Experience. Non-members pay a token fee to enter each section of the park, but it is well worth the ticket price. Seniors and their family members can also check the park's calendar for individual events or guided tours. 

Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site

Hike, bird watch, rock climb, study nature, or stargaze at the Hueco Tanks State Park. Take a picnic and visit the park with your family. Stop by the interpretive center to learn about the park and its history or take a self-guided tour by yourself. There are hours of activities to do here included ranger-guided tours and activities. 

Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve at Ressler Canyon

The Waleem/Teschner Nature Preserve is a conservation project and a terrific place to take pictures of native birds including the golden eagle, turkey vulture, quail, mourning dove, white-winged dove, greater roadrunner, great horned owl, black-chinned hummingbird, cactus wren, northern mockingbird, curve-billed thrasher, great-tailed grackle, house finch. Visitors will also see a large variety of plants and other species of animals.

Municipal Rose Garden

Between March and October every year, seniors can visit the Municipal Rose Garden's 1460 rose bushes in 320 varied rose varieties. It's a lovely place to eat lunch, stroll or just smell the flowers.

Caring Senior Service can help your aging loved one enjoy all of these activities safely. Feel free to contact us for more information about the care services we offer.

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