Fall Risk Prevention & Home Safety for Seniors in Columbus, OH

Seniors are more susceptible to falls due to chronic health conditions, vision impairment, or balance issues. As a leading at-home caregiver in Columbus, we find falls in the elderly are particularly concerning because they can cause serious and lasting injuries. The fear of falling can also cause anxiety and inactivity, impacting quality of life. The team at Caring Senior Service designed our Fall Risk Specialty Program to prevent fall risks, ensure safety, and help seniors in Columbus regain their confidence.



Helping Seniors Thrive Safely at Home

Creating a safe home environment is essential for fall prevention, maintaining a good quality of life, and ensuring safety at home for our seniors.  Columbus’ top at-home caregivers have the specialized training and experience to assist seniors with activities of daily living, ensure a clean and tidy home environment, and help with mobility and exercise to support strength and balance. Our team can also help with meal preparation, running errands, and personal care routines to ensure our seniors have everything they need to thrive.

Our comprehensive 43-point home safety assessment identifies any areas of potential safety concern around the home and recommends ways to improve the environment for the prevention of falls and other hazards. We find that in order for seniors to safely age in place, our Columbus elderly fall prevention experts may need to make several recommendations. We may recommend the installation of handrails, adequate lighting, and nonslip flooring, among other assistive devices.

Committed to Keeping Seniors Safe 

We prioritize safety so seniors can enjoy their independence at home and their families can have peace of mind. Our experienced caregivers work tirelessly to ensure seniors can move freely about their homes without the fear of falling. We look forward to serving you and your loved ones. To learn more about our elderly Fall Risk Program in Columbus or our home care assistance services, reach out to Caring Senior Service today.

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