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I’m Michael Watson, the owner of Caring Senior Service of Columbus. Before joining Caring Senior Service, I served 9 years in the U.S. Army as a medical specialist and I was also a caregiver myself. I have over 18 years of direct patient care experience, and 9 of those years are in home health care.  In 2013 I began working at Caring. After holding different positions at Caring Senior Service's national headquarters, I became the Director of Marketing and Referral Services. After 6 years of working at Caring Senior Service, I became an owner. As the owner of Caring Senior Service of Columbus, it is my goal to give seniors the control needed to live safely at home and to give their families peace of mind.

The Care Team

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The Caregiver

The Caregiver is the backbone of Caring Senior Service. So, joining our team of caregivers means being the best of the best. This is because we only hire caregivers that express a passion for serving others. We know that having this quality is equally as important as having the required work experience. In addition to hiring with an eye for passion we only hire caregivers with at least one year experience working with seniors or those who have a CNA license.

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The Care Manager

The Care Manager has a great job. It starts from the very first visit with a client. Getting to know the client is very important to the Care Manager. It helps her pick the right caregivers to deliver care. The Care Manager makes sure the best caregiver is matched based on skill, experience, and personality. Once care starts the Care Manager makes regular visits to the home to make sure the care plan remains up to date and that everyone is happy with care.

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The Agency Director

The Agency Director makes sure each and every client receives GreatCare®. She manages the rest of the team so that our clients get the best possible service day or night. She does this by making sure the steps in our GreatCare® method are followed by everyone on the Caring team. With over 25 years helping seniors remain home we’ve learned that it’s our method that makes the difference. The Agency Director has the important responsibility of making sure that the statement “We provide GreatCare®” is not just what we say it’s what we do.

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