What Does Senior Care Cost in Abilene?

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While many of us plan for retirement and our golden years, we may not anticipate the rising costs of care. Senior care service costs continue to rise, while the amount that seniors tend to live on remains fixed. This results in financial stress for many seniors and their families.  

That’s why it’s so important to know how much senior care services cost in your area. In this post, we will review the costs of different types of senior care in Abilene, Texas, to help you and your family prepare financially. 

Cost of Living in Abilene 

Abilene is a central Texas city on I-20 between Odessa and Fort Worth. The population is over 124,000 residents, and it continues to grow. This city is home to the Abilene Zoo and historic Fort Phantom Hill. 

Overall, the cost of living in Abilene is significantly lower than the national cost of living. Abilene ranks 78 on a cost-of-living scale by compared to the national average of 100. That means that the costs of living here are generally 20% cheaper than living elsewhere in the United States, so seniors can make their money go further for them. 

Assisted Living Costs 

If you are looking to stay in an assisted living facility in Texas, you can expect to pay about $2,700/month for the average living arrangements. However, you may be able to arrange care for anywhere between $1,400 and $4,500 per month, depending on the amenities and lifestyle requirements of your loved one. 

Nursing Home Costs 

If you are looking for a long-term nursing facility, you can expect to pay significantly more due to the higher attention of medical care. On average, nursing homes cost between $125 and $170 per day in Texas, which results in a monthly bill from $3,750 to $5,100. Of course, costs will fall in the lower range if your loved one has a shared room and in the upper range if they have a private room. 

Home Care Costs 

Instead of living in an assisted living facility or a nursing home, your loved one may choose a part-time or full-time caregiver. This is often a more reasonable cost for seniors and their families. Plus, it comes with the benefit of being able to age in your own home — no moving required!  

The average cost for a caregiver is $18 per hour in Texas, and you can choose your own schedule. So, your loved one can get as much or as little care as they need, helping you to make the most of their budget.  

If your loved one only needed 20 hours of care each week, the cost would be $360 per week, or about $1,500 per month. This level of personalized care could be just what your loved one needs to remain safe and financially responsible.  

For more information on home care near you, refer to our services. Our caregivers are more than happy to help you or a loved one get the care you need. 

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