Top Activities for Seniors in Abilene

By Caring Senior Service

There are a number of things to keep seniors busy during their golden years in Abilene, a central Texas city. These activities can help stimulate their mind and promote socialization — which are both great for us as we age. Learn more about some of the activities that are safe and fun for seniors in this area.  

Frontier Texas! 

Frontier Texas is a 14,000-square-foot museum in downtown Abilene. It houses artifacts from the Old West. This museum is also the official visitors center for the Texas Forts Trail Region. The museum is great for seniors because they can learn more about history and remain cool indoors, which is especially ideal during hot Texas summers. Frontier Texas also has a senior discount for adults 60 and older.  

Abilene Zoo 

Abilene also houses a local zoo, which is a fun attraction for seniors and their family members. Seniors can feed the animals and enjoy exhibits dedicated to animals from around the world. The Abilene Zoo also hosts events regularly, so stay tuned for any special exhibits. You can also reserve a VIP tour to explore even more of the zoo.  

Jacob’s Dream Sculpture 

The Abilene Christian University houses the Jacob’s Dream sculpture by Jack Maxwell, who was a professor of art and design at the university. The statue was finished in 2006 and depicts the biblical account of a dream Jacob had. It has bronze angels climbing a ladder into heaven. This sculpture is a beautiful piece of art and could be soothing and relaxing for seniors to see. And the best part is that this attraction is FREE! 

Fort Phantom Hill 

Want more history? Fort Phantom Hill is another popular attraction in Abilene, Texas. It is known as one of the most pristine historic sites in the Lone Star State. The fort was originally built in the 1850s to protect Texas settlements; however, it was later abandoned by the Army. While the fort caught fire and sustained damage years ago, much of the original structures remain. Seniors could have fun exploring this fort and learning more about Texas history.  

If you or an aging loved one needs assistance to enjoy these activities in Abilene, reach out to our Caring team! Our professional caregivers can assist you. 

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