Fall Risk Prevention & Home Safety for Seniors in Waco, TX

The risk of falls is more common and more serious for the elderly due to increased issues with balance, eyesight, and chronic health conditions. When a senior suffers a fall, the injuries can be severe and long-term. If a senior has fallen, it can cause them to be more fearful moving around, even in their own home. In our ongoing commitment to help seniors remain safe and happy at home, Caring Senior Service has created a Fall Risk Specialty Program to keep seniors in Waco, TX, safe at home and help them regain their confidence and quality of life.



Our specialized caregivers provide compassionate home care assistance services for seniors and their families in our community. Our Fall Risk Specialty Program is specifically designed to educate seniors and their families about elderly fall prevention in their Waco, TX, homes. 

As part of this program, we also provide assistance around the home, such as ensuring the home is kept tidy and free from tripping hazards. Our elderly fall risk prevention specialists in Waco, TX, can help with special exercises to support balance and coordination. We also assist with mobility and personal care routines to ensure our seniors have everything they need to remain safe, healthy, and happy at home. We provide reliable home care that supports a high quality of life for seniors and brings peace of mind to their families. 

We Help Ensure Safety for Seniors at Home in Waco, TX 

Keeping the home clean, neat, and free of clutter helps prevent the risk of falls. We can ensure clear passageways by moving any obstacles or slippery throw rugs. Some seniors have more difficulty getting around, especially when navigating around furniture or up and down stairs. We are here to help our seniors navigate with confidence and the security that someone is there to watch out for them. In addition to minimizing fall risks in your Waco, TX home, our caregivers can also lend a hand with washing dishes, folding laundry, dusting furniture, vacuuming, meal preparation, and even running errands. 

Personal and Home Care Assistance 

Even the most simple personal care tasks can become overwhelming for many seniors, especially if they have difficulties with mobility and are concerned about slipping in the shower or bathtub. Our caregivers provide respectful personal care assistance, helping with bathing, getting dressed, toileting, and other personal care and senior safety needs at home. Our Waco, TX, caregivers promote independence in a safe and caring environment. 

If you would like to learn more about our Fall Risk Specialty Program in Waco or our other home care services, contact Caring Senior Service today.