What Does Senior Care Cost in Northern Virginia?

By Caring Senior Service

If you are a senior residing in the lovers state of Virginia, you are more than likely used to the higher cost of living. Seniors are typically living off of social security, disability, or a pension. While the cost of living increases over time, the money they receive every month generally stays the same for most seniors. That is why many are choosing to age at home instead of moving into a high-priced assisted living home or nursing home.

In fact, only 3 percent of seniors in the United States are choosing to move to nursing homes. One of the reasons is the high costs of these types of retirement homes, especially in Virginia. Let's take a look at the statistics.

Assisted Living Facility Costs

An assisted living facility will cost seniors a pretty penny if this is the avenue they choose. The average cost starts at $1,150 and goes up to $4,300 a month. This means you can expect to pay, on average, $3,100 a month to stay in a place that gives you some extra help when you need it.

Nursing Home Costs

Nursing homes provide round-the-clock assistance to seniors who may not be able to live independently, but this come with a hefty price. A private room starts at $215 a day while sharing a room with another person will drop the price to $185 a day. Still, this amounts to thousands of dollars a month, a price most seniors cannot afford.

Home Care Costs

Luckily, there is another alternative for seniors who only need a little bit of help here and there. Caregivers charge around $19 an hour. A caregiver comes to your home on an as-needed basis and will assist you with daily activities, such as shopping, meal prep, toiletry needs, and cleaning. Since they cost much less than nursing homes and assisted living facilities, seniors can readily afford the help.

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