Top Activities for Seniors in Milwaukee

By Caring Senior Service

Sometimes seniors can have a hard time being as active as they once were. But age doesn't mean you can't get moving, learn something new, socialize, or be part of your community. There are a variety of activities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, suited to the benefit of seniors, and here are a few.

1. Join the Fun at Milwaukee's Senior Centers

Milwaukee County owns and maintains 4 impressive senior centers within the city limits of Milwaukee. They provide an array of year-round programs that focus on wellness, nutrition, entertainment, socialization, and more. Seniors can enjoy educational classes, health screenings, and nutritional orientations. More fun can be had with fitness equipment and classes, arts and crafts, music, movies, games, and more.

2. Take Advantage of the Many Senior-Friendly Attractions

The city is full of things for seniors to do. Attractions like museums, the zoo, or the botanical gardens, are not only educational but easy to navigate and get around. These types of attractions are often regarded as tourist spots, but citizens can find just as much entertainment and fun here. And if you visit these places often, become a member and reap the benefits.

3. Stay Active at the YMCA

For decades, the YMCA has helped the community stay fit and live better lives. Milwaukee City's YMCA has multiple branches, with each location offering a variety of classes and programs that cater to seniors. These programs include all the fitness and exercise classes you could imagine and some classes you wouldn't. Seniors can also take part in health and wellness classes, day trips, social events, and more.

4. Get Involved with a Community Cause

The Community Project for Seniors has been helping seniors since 1986. Based in Milwaukee, they provide thousands of seniors with hot meals throughout the year, as well as care packages that contain personal care essentials. But they do more than that, as they also provide seniors with social programs like games, dances, and more. Seniors can easily get involved with the organization to help, be helped, and be part of a giving community. 

If you or a loved one need additional assistance enjoying these activities, Caring Senior Service can help. Learn more about our home care services.

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