What Does Senior Care Cost in Long Beach?

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Living on a fixed income can be both challenging and frustrating for seniors. In a world where the cost of living is continually increasing and expenses are multiplying, living on the same amount of money means you have to be aware of the cost of living and stretch every dollar to its maximum.  

Here is a look at how much it costs seniors to live in Long Beach, California. 

Cost of Living in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach is a city located in Orange County, California, which is most famous for being home to Anaheim's Disneyland Resort. As you may know, Disneyland is home to one of the largest complexes of rides and restaurants in all of California or all of the US for that matter. Orange County has a population of about 3.17 million people.

Orange County's cost of living is 43% higher than the rest of the United States. This means that Orange County is a lot more expensive than the average US city, making it difficult for many seniors to afford to live here.

Assisted Living Costs

If you are looking to stay in an assisted living facility, you can expect to pay an average of about $2,500/month for such accommodations. However, based on the amenities you are looking for and the services you need. Location is another key; if you want a prime location, you may pay more. Moreover, you can find prices ranging from $1,300/month to $4,800/month.

Nursing Home Costs

If you are looking for a nursing facility arrangement you can expect to pay even more. The average semi-private room will run about $5,250/month which works out to about $175/day. If you want a completely private room, be prepared to shell out around $6,150/month which works out to about $205/day.

Home Care Costs

If you are looking at these numbers and finding them a bit pricey you are not alone. A more affordable alternative to consider is hiring a home caregiver. Consider that if you hire a caregiver for the going rate in Orange County, which is about $23/hr., that person could assist you for 20 hours per week for just $460/week or about $1,840/month. That's just a fraction of what full-time nursing care would require you to pay.

Moreover, you get to be in the comfort of your own home and stick to the routine you have always known while having someone assist you with your personal needs.

For more information on home care near you, refer to our services. Our caregivers are more than happy to help you or a loved one get the care you need. 

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