Top Activities for Seniors in Long Beach

By Caring Senior Service

For seniors retirement no longer means sitting around with too much time on their hands. It means an entirely new era of their lives where they have more time to follow their dreams and passions. Whether that's worldwide travel or simply relaxing and enjoying time with friends or picking up a new hobby, retired seniors are living a more active lifestyle than ever before.

The following are 3 great activities that seniors can participate in around Long Beach, CA.

Classes with the Parks, Recreation & Marine Life of Long Beach

No matter what your passions are the Parks & Recreation division of Long Beach offers classes that will meet your interests! Classes are available to all participants aged 50+. Whether you are into arts and crafts, cards, learning to use the computer, dominoes, exercise classes, or getting into a sports league, they offer something you will love. 

Join a Senior Book Club

Anyone who loves reading books will find the senior book clubs at the Long Beach Public Library (LBPL) — something they don't want to miss! They offer book clubs to everyone from those who love mysteries to those who love science fiction or romance books. They also offer services that deliver books to seniors who are homebound. No matter what your preferences or living situations, the library will provide reading material that meets the needs of any senior.

Listen to Live Music

Long Beach loves to provide fun activities for its residents, and one such activity occurs on the 1st Friday of every month when there is live music at the Harper McCaughan Town Green amphitheater. Concert season runs from April through October and every month offers a new artist and performance to come to enjoy from 6 pm to 9 pm. These talented musicians gain valuable exposure to audiences in their local communities which help start up their careers and you get to enjoy some live entertainment with family and friends!

These are just a few great events that seniors will love that are located in the Long Beach area. Living in such a vibrant community means that there is always something to fun, new, and exciting to do.

If your aging loved one needs assistance enjoying these activities, Caring Senior Service can help. Learn more about our home care services.

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