Jeff Salter, CEO and Founder of Caring, Featured in My Prime Time News

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On July 17th, Jeff Salter, CEO and founder of Caring Senior Service, stopped in Colorado as part of his 9,000-mile bike ride to Close the Gap in Senior Care, a movement to raise awareness of unmet needs in senior care today. The ride and our movement were featured in My Prime Time News July 2021 edition. Read the article below or view the text transcript here.

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Caring Senior Service Founder & CEO Arrives in Colorado as Part of a 9,000-Mile E-Bike Tour across US to Launch "Close the Gap in Senior Care" Movement

Every 11 seconds, a senior is treated in the emergency room for a fall and the cost of their treatment averages $30,000. And over 80% of those falls happen in the bathroom. To help make more people cognizant of these scary statistics and possibly even change these numbers, one man is currently embarking on a national bike ride to raise awareness and funds to prevent these falls. Jeff Salter, founder and CEO of Caring Senior Service, a national in-home care, non-medical care provider committed to improving the lives of seniors, is biking 9,000 miles cross-country on an electric bike to shine a spotlight on the underserved aspects of care in the senior population and raise funds to prevent falls, the leading cause of injury for seniors. 

Specifically, Salter is visiting each of Caring Senior Service's 45 locations during his 4-month trip across the US in celebration of the company's 30th anniversary, officially launching the company's "Close the Gap" in Senior Care movement. Salter's bike tour kicked off in San Antonio, TX, on April 1, 2021 and by the time he circles back there in August, he will have traveled across the US twice and visited 25 different states. The Close the Gap movement is focusing its efforts on fall prevention with a fundraising campaign called "Grab the Bars," where money raised will go towards installing grab bars, which help prevent falls, in the homes of local seniors who may not otherwise have the means or ability to install them. People can learn more about the fundraising campaign and donate to the cause by visiting 

Close the Gap is a call for community leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, agencies, and the public at large to help ensure seniors have the option of safely aging at home with the support they want and need. As Salter makes his way across the country, he is being welcomed at events hosted by the individual Caring Senior Service location owners to officially kick off the Close the Gap movement in their communities. From events at local parks, wineries, volleyball courts, outdoor restaurants, and parking lots, Salter has also been meeting and speaking with city leaders, senior citizen activists, business members, and caregivers to bring attention and engagement to senior care and in particular, the Grab the Bars fundraising campaign. Salter hopes to leave a lasting legacy of care by convening key stakeholders and inciting them to take actions that empower seniors to thrive at home. 

"I am os excited to be embarking on this bike journey to celebrate 30 years of Caring Senior Service and to jumpstart this important conversation that is so often overlooked in the public conversation," Salter said. "The movement's name — Close the Gap — is symbolic because, in cycling, riders 'close the gap' between themselves in order to draft off each other. They get farther and faster working as a team, so closing the gap is critical for peak performance. That concept epitomizes what our company does and how all of us can work together — engaging communities through the Close the Gap movement — to help seniors safely and happily age in place."

Salter most recently biked into Colorado (specifically Westminster, CO, on Thursday, 6/17 and hitting 5,694 miles!) for a special arrival event at Lodos Bar & Grill hosted by the owners of the local Caring Senior Service locations Boulder, Fort Collins, Lakewood, and Aurora. Next, he travels through the Rocky Mountains heading west to Utah and then to California before making his way back to Texas. 

*Data compiled by a recent national survey commissioned by Caring Senior Service.

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