Jeff’s Ride to Close the Gap

A 9,000-mile journey to raise awareness of underserved aspects of senior communities across the country

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To celebrate 30 years of serving seniors, the CEO and founder of Caring Senior Service, Jeff Salter, will tour the country on an electric bike to visit all 45 Caring locations and to raise awareness of senior care needs in America.  

This tour, starting on April 1st, 2021, kicks off the 30th anniversary and the Close the Gap in Senior Care movement. The movement's name is significant, because in cycling, closing the gap between riders is crucial for top performance. Drafting off each other, cyclists get farther and faster as a team. Likewise, when caregivers, community leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs work together, we can Close the Gap in meeting the needs of America’s seniors. And what better way to kick off the movement than with a bike ride.  

Jeff’s electric bike is more than transportation; it is a symbol of assistance, which allows us all achieve things that we didn’t think were possible. For example, seniors can live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives but they might need a little assistance at times. Caring Senior Service can be that assistance to seniors to empower them to remain independent just like the electric bike is the assistance Jeff needs to enable his journey. 

The Bike Route

At each stop along his 9,000-mile journey, Jeff will meet with city leaders, senior citizen activists, business members, and caregivers to bring attention and engagement to senior care.  

Through Jeff’s upcoming bike tour, he hopes to: 

  • Inspire a younger generation to bring new technologies to seniors that can help them age in place 
  • Motivate more people to choose caregiving careers 
  • Prompt entrepreneurs to start companies dedicated to serving seniors.  


By the time Jeff circles back to San Antonio, he will have traveled across the US twice and visited 25 different states. You can follow his inspiring bike journey each step of the way! 

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