Medication Management & Reminders in Cleburne and Johnson County

Seniors often forget to take their medication on time or in the correct dosage. Our reminders can help keep them on schedule.


What Is Medication Management?

The proper administration of multiple medications throughout the day can be a challenge for most people, especially for the elderly. Our at-home senior care team in Cleburne assists in medication management by tracking medication times and reminding clients to take their medications on schedule.



Close up of a senior male pouring medication into his hands-1What Tasks Does Medication Management Include?

Medication management includes the following tasks to help your loved one remain healthy and safe:

  • Complete inventory of medications
  • Maintain and track medication schedule
  • Report any side effects to family members and medical personnel
  • Reminders to take medications on time and in the proper dosage

Some Things to Consider

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Seniors 50+ use more prescription and over-the-counter medicines than any other age group. They are at the highest risk of being hospitalized for a medication mishap. Many of these mishaps could have been avoided with proper medication management from Cleburne’s most trusted at-home senior care professionals at Caring.

Medication Icon1.3 million Americans are injured each year due to medication errors. The most common causes of these errors in seniors are confusing packaging, poor communication, overdosing, and dangerous interactions with other medications or foods. A little help from Cleburne’s at-home senior care specialists can mean all the difference.

Calculator and Cost IconHow Much Do Med Reminders Cost?

At Caring Senior Service, we charge a flat, hourly rate regardless of the services required, whether it’s medication management or any other senior care service. This rate stays the same on weekends, nights, and holidays, so you or a loved one can get care when you need it.

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