What Does Senior Care Cost in Irvine?

By Caring News

While Irvine, CA, boasts beautiful scenery and favorable weather, it can be quite expensive — especially for seniors living on a budget or fixed income. To help prepare for the future and potential costs you might incur as you age, we've put together a short guide to the cost of senior care in Irvine. 

Cost of Living in Irvine

Living in Irvine, CA, is almost twice as expensive as the national average cost of living. Irvine scores a 181 on the cost of living index while 100 is the national average. The state of California as a whole is around 150, indicating that Irvine is more expensive to live than other cities in California as well. However, the high average cost of living is mainly to do with the high prices for homes. When it comes to health care costs, Irvine is actually slightly lower than the rest of the US on average and the cost of groceries seems to be right on par with the average. 

Assisted Living Costs

When it comes to senior care options, many older adults and their families turn to assisted living facilities. In Irvine, the cost of a room in an assisted living community ranges from $1,300 to $4,800 per month, with the average cost of $2,500. Costs depend on the facility's amenities and whether or not you have a shared room. 

Nursing Home Costs

Nursing homes are another popular option. They provide more medical care and monitoring than an assisted living facility. But with that added service comes a higher price. Nursing homes in Irvine cost between $5,300 and $6,200. Again, the cost is heavily dependent on the amenities included and whether you are sharing a room with other residents. 

Home Care Costs

But there is another option for seniors that can help them get the care they need without such heavy costs: home care. Home health care includes medical services that a senior might need — right at home. These services are provided by a home health aide. Non-medical home care services include other tasks, like bathing, transportation, cleaning, and other activities of daily living. A caregiver performs these duties.

And the best part is that these services are charged hourly. The average hourly rate for a caregiver in Irvine is $20 and a home health aide is $23. So, you can get the type of care you need and when you need it. You aren't paying for extra hours and you can stay at home.

So, say you needed care during the day on weekdays. You might ask for 20 hours of home care. That would be $400 per week or $1,600 per month. This cost is lower than most assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and it offers flexible schedules and individualized care. To learn more about home care, reach out to our team today!

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