Fall Risk Prevention & Home Safety for Seniors in Houston, TX

Living with decreased vision, balance issues, or chronic conditions can increase the fall risk for many seniors. Falls in the elderly can result in servious, long-lasting injuries. Once a senior has suffered a fall, they may fear falling again, which can lead to inactivity and isolation. Because we are committed to helping seniors remain safe and comfortable at home, Caring Senior Service created our Houston Fall Risk Specialty Program to prevent fall risks and allow seniors to remain confident and safe in their own homes. 



Helping Seniors Thrive at Home

Our caregivers provide a variety of home care services to help seniors  live at home safely in Houston. Many seniors need assistance with personal care needs, light housekeeping, and transportation, and many want a companion to help them feel safe. We match seniors with one of our qualified caregivers who will come alongside them and assist with chores, cooking, exercise, or enjoying favorite activities. We are committed to improving seniors' quality of life in Houston by limiting fall risks and encouraging security in their familiar surroundings. 

A Tidy Home Is a Safer Home

Keeping the home free of clutter is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of falls around the house. Our caregivers help keep the house neat and can make sure no tripping hazards are present, ensuring there are no slippery rugs, slick floors, or other areas of concern. With our 43-point at home senior safety assessment for Houston clients, we can identify any potential safety hazards in and around the home and recommend ways to make the home safer for your loved one.

Exercise and Nutrition

Our caregivers in Houston offer elderly fall prevention services. We can help seniors move around the house safely and engage in exercises to help improve strength and balance. We also assist with meal preparation and medication management, helping to maintain good nutrition and health.   

Together, we can reduce the risk of falls for your elderly loved one, keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. Reach out to Caring Senior Service today to learn more about our Houston Fall Risk Specialty Program.