Stroke Recovery Program in Galesburg

Seniors who have suffered a stroke usually face a long recovery and may experience long-lasting physical effects, which limits their ability to perform daily tasks. For seniors who have not yet regained their motor skills or who are suffering from cognitive impairment, our caregivers can offer temporary or long-term senior home care services while your Galesburg area loved one is recovering from a stroke. Whether seniors live in their own homes or with family members, in-home care helps them recover the greatest amount of independence and quality of life possible.



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Home Supervision and Rehabilitation

Repetitive practice with an established goal is, in the opinion of rehabilitation experts, the most important component of a successful recovery. A list of exercises to be finished at home is frequently offered to patients. Our in-home caregivers can provide friendly reminders, motivational support, and safety monitoring to help seniors in Galesburg keep up with their stroke recovery programs.

Transportation and Care Coordination

When coping with mobility and cognitive issues, rehabilitation can be time-consuming and difficult. Our in-home caregivers can help seniors stay on top of their scheduled appointments and even provide transportation. We can accompany seniors to and from places like the stroke center, the doctor's office, or support group meetings. With our help, seniors experience less anxiety, allowing them to concentrate more on their rehabilitation. 

Personal Care Assistance

Our caregivers can help with toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, and other personal care routines for seniors who cannot care for themselves independently. Throughout these tasks, our caring and skilled caregivers will take the utmost care to preserve the dignity of our seniors.

Meal Prep and Housekeeping

Our caregivers can assist in maintaining a clean and safe house and identifying and eliminating any fall risks inside and outside the home. Our caregivers can prepare meals using the ingredients and recipes the doctor recommends. Seniors who have suffered a stroke and might have difficulty swallowing or eating have an added sense of security and support with our caregivers by their side.


Inactivity and loneliness make it less likely that seniors will adhere to their treatment plan, which in turn can make post-stroke depression worse. Our in-home caregivers support seniors in coping with their emotions, providing warm and compassionate companionship. Additionally, having a caregiver nearby gives seniors the confidence to follow their doctor's advice and participate in safe physical exercise, further benefiting them in the rehabilitative process. 

Respite Care

Family support is important for a senior stroke survivor's rehabilitation and general well-being. But occasionally, providing this kind of care may be taxing and can begin to wear on the family caregiver. Because of this, our caregivers offer respite care services. Do you need to take a break or simply get some fresh air? That's all right. We've got your back. Until you return, our caregivers will take great care of your loved one. 


At-home care can be quite beneficial when seniors are recovering from a stroke. Caring Senior Service is here to support and assist you in this trying time. Whether your loved one or your family require respite care or more extensive services, our caregivers will create a specialized care plan that is carefully and uniquely tailored to your needs. For more information or if you know someone who has recovered from a stroke and would benefit from our Stroke Specialty Program, reach out to us today.  

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