Infection Control Specialty Program in Galesburg

As seniors age, it’s essential to maintain a safe and healthy environment where they can thrive in their surroundings. Infectious diseases can impact the elderly more severely than younger individuals with more robust immune systems, so it’s important to learn how to avoid infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and the flu. With the proper training and care, we can keep our seniors safe and healthy. Caring Senior Service offers an Infection Control Specialty Program in Galesburg to help keep your loved one safe at home. Our tailored plans help improve quality of life and bring peace of mind to families. 



Our Qualified Caregivers Help Seniors Thrive at Home

We understand the importance of helping seniors thrive in their surroundings at every stage of life. Our team also understands the dangers of infectious diseases and illnesses. Our caregivers receive specialized training so they can deliver outstanding care to help seniors avoid illness, stay healthy, and thrive at home.

We Ensure a Healthy Environment With Exceptional Service

At Caring Senior Service, we have a team experienced with senior home care in the Galesburg area. We deliver outstanding services that improve the quality of life for our seniors. Our home care assistance includes:

  • Medication reminders 
  • Meal preparation
  • Errand service
  • Light housekeeping
  • Personal care assistance
  • Transportation 
  • Companionship
  • Home safety assessment
  • And more!

We can help with anything our seniors need to feel at ease and stay safe and well in the comforts of home. 

A Clean Environment Helps Reduce Infections

It’s difficult for some seniors to keep up with household chores. Whether our seniors are recovering from surgery or have limited mobility, our caregivers can help keep the home clean and tidy. We can help with dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and other light chores. Our caregivers understand that a tidy home can limit the risk of falls, and keeping the house clean can reduce the risk of infection. 

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