In-Home COPD Specialty Care Program in Galesburg


When you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is common among seniors, breathing and physical activity can be extremely difficult. Our caregivers are trained specifically to better understand the needs of seniors living with COPD through our In-Home COPD Specialty Care Program for the Galesburg area, and they can provide the specialized care you or your loved one needs.

Regular Doctor Visits

Seniors with COPD may require routine follow-up visits to the doctor. Caring Senior Service offers safe and reliable transportation to and from medical appointments. We'll see that your loved one gets to their appointment on time and is returned home safely.

Medication Management

COPD patients are often prescribed corticosteroids, inhalers, and supplemental oxygen. Our caregivers can assist seniors in staying on schedule with their prescribed medications with friendly reminders.

Meal Preparation

Eating well-balanced and nutritious meals is important to maintain health and recovery. Our Galesburg team of caregivers can prepare delicious, healthy meals to ensure proper nutrition is maintained. We are also careful to adhere to any dietary guidelines or restrictions.


Breathing difficulties can result from COPD flare-ups. Our caregivers can intervene quickly when these symptoms occur, because they are trained specifically to assist seniors with COPD. Living with COPD can be challenging, but with the support of our specialized caregivers, we can overcome these obstacles together.

Living Better Together

Even though there is currently no cure for COPD, seniors with COPD can still enjoy a quality life, and we can help. To learn more about our Galesburg team’s In-Home COPD Specialty Care Program, get in touch with Caring Senior Service today.