Top Activities for Seniors in Fort Collins

By Caring Senior Service

Fort Collins, CO, embraces their seniors, and it's evident in the variety of activities offered throughout the area. Your preferences may lean toward the arts and entertainment, recreation, arts & crafts, or shopping and dining out, but you'll find there's something for everyone. 

Get Involved Through the City of Fort Collins Recreation

You may choose to participate in one or several of the series offered through Fort Collins Recreation Center. There's a wide variety to keep you engaged with the opportunity to meet new people. One option is learning the Prairie Sage Dance, while another is enjoying a movie on Friday afternoons. There's a wealth of opportunity provided through the recreation center. 

Visit Old Town Square

Once you've marveled at the beauty of this well-preserved downtown area, you'll appreciate all it has to offer. There's an eclectic mix of boutiques and restaurants as well as art galleries and entertainment. One attraction you should consider is a ride on the trolley. Enjoy the monthly gallery and food walks to get a real taste of the vibrancy of downtown Fort Collins

Take a Hike 

One nature trail that is well populated and allows you to walk your dog on a leash is Maxwell Natural Area. This is a 1.5-mile foothills trail that provides you with natural enjoyment of the surroundings while getting some fresh air and exercise. 

Another trail to enjoy is the Running Deer Natural Area where you'll experience unlimited views of the surrounding area. This part of the trail system is for pedestrians only without dogs. Take some time to soak in the scenery on the lookout tower.  It's a great photo opportunity where you will likely spot a deer or 2. This soft-surface, fairly flat trail is 2 miles. 

Spring Canyon Park on the west side of the city offers so much more than walking and hiking. Situated along Pine Ridge, this 100-acre urban park hosts a variety of activities. You can bring your dog for some exercise at the dog park or walk along the scenic trails. It's a great place for a family outing, as you can set up a picnic at one of the pavilions or on the lawn. The grandkids will have plenty to do at the playground, on the basketball court, or on the inline hockey rink. There are also ball fields for team sports here. Spend the day and explore the beauty of Fort Collins. 

Caring Senior Service can help your aging loved one enjoy all of these activities safely. Feel free to contact us for more information about the care services we offer.

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