Fall Risk Prevention & Home Safety for Seniors in Fort Collins

At Caring Senior Service, we understand the importance of providing compassionate and specialized care to our local senior community. One of our primary focuses is on fall prevention. We recognize that falls are a leading cause of injury and decreased quality of life among seniors. Our Fort Collins Fall Risk Specialty Program is designed to address the unique needs of seniors, promoting their safety, independence, and overall well-being. 



In addition to our wide range of personal care services in Fort Collins, our elderly fall prevention program includes:

Comprehensive Fall Risk Assessments

We begin by conducting thorough fall risk assessments for each senior under our care in Fort Collins. These fall risk assessments take into account various factors, including chronic conditions, mobility issues, vision impairment, balance issues, home environment, and more.

Personalized Care Plans

Our team of experienced caregivers works closely with each senior to create personalized care plans that incorporate elderly fall prevention strategies. For our Fort Collins clients, these plans include exercises to improve strength and balance and modifications to the home environment to eliminate potential hazards.

Home Safety Modifications

Our specialists conduct home safety assessments for Fort Collins clients in which we  identify and eliminate potential fall hazards in the home environment. This may include recommendations for installing handrails, nonslip flooring, proper lighting, and other modifications to create a safe and accessible living environment for seniors.

Education and Awareness

We believe that knowledge is key to elderly fall prevention. Our Fort Collins caregivers educate both seniors and their families about fall risks, warning signs, and prevention strategies. This empowers our clients to take an active role in maintaining their safety.

Regular Monitoring and Support

Our dedicated caregivers provide ongoing support, monitoring, and encouragement to seniors as they progress through their care plans. We continually assess and adjust our strategies to ensure they remain effective.

Our Fort Collins Fall Risk Specialty Program is designed to enhance the lives of seniors by reducing their risk of falls and promoting their independence and confidence. We are committed to providing the highest level of care, ensuring that seniors can enjoy their golden years in a safe and nurturing environment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our specialty programs.