Care for Stroke Survivors in El Paso


Personalized Care at Home

Seniors who have had a stroke may suffer long-lasting physical impacts and endure prolonged recovery times. The mental and physical effects of a stroke can limit their ability to perform even the simplest daily tasks. Our specialty stroke treatment in El Paso  is designed to provide specialized care to seniors who have suffered a stroke, providing priceless peace of mind to seniors and their families.

Home Supervision and Rehabilitation

Repetitive practice with a specific goal is a crucial factor in a successful recovery after a stroke. As part of physical therapy after a stroke, patients are often asked to perform exercises on a daily basis at home. To assist in keeping up with their recovery programs, our in-home caregivers provide premium stroke rehabilitation services to El Paso seniors, offering friendly reminders and encouragement, assisting with exercises, and monitoring for safety.

Transportation and Care Coordination

Stroke rehabilitation can be lengthy and challenging when seniors deal with mobility and cognitive issues. Our caregivers can assist clients with remembering their appointments and provide safe transportation to and from their destinations, such as the stroke center, the doctor's office, or support group meetings. As a result, our clients have less to worry about, allowing them to focus more on their recovery.

Personal Care Assistance

Seniors who cannot care for themselves independently benefit from our caregivers assisting with bathing, grooming, getting dressed, bathroom use, and other personal care tasks. Our compassionate and trained caregivers take the utmost care to maintain dignity and respect while helping seniors with personal care tasks.

Meal Prep and Housekeeping

In addition to identifying and removing potential fall hazards inside and outside the home, our caregivers can help maintain a clean and tidy home. Our caregivers can go to the supermarket and cook meals for our senior clients, using the ingredients and recipes their healthcare providers recommend. The presence of a caregiver also provides an additional layer of security and support for seniors who may have trouble eating or swallowing.

Companionship and Assistance With Exercise and Mobility

Inactivity and loneliness after suffering a stroke may make it more difficult for seniors to keep up with their recovery regimen, which can worsen post-stroke depression. Warm companionship can help seniors cope with loneliness and feel more connected. Having a caregiver nearby to assist with daily routines provides a higher level of security and assurance, so seniors feel safer performing therapeutic exercises and moving around their homes.

Respite Care

Family support can be huge when it comes to the recovery and well-being of a senior stroke survivor. But providing this level of care for your loved one can be demanding and may begin to take its toll on you. This is why we provide respite care services. Our respite caregivers will care for your loved one while you take the time you need to rest and take care of yourself. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Stroke Care Plans

At-home care can be quite beneficial as seniors recuperate from a stroke. Caring Senior Service is here to support seniors and their families in our community with specialized home care assistance. Our caregivers receive specialized training, so they are fully qualified to support seniors who have suffered a stroke. Contact Caring Senior Service to learn more about our compassionate stroke treatment  in El Paso.