Hip & Knee Replacement Aftercare Program in El Paso


Seniors who have recently undergone joint replacement surgery have difficulty with mobility and are more likely to have a trip and fall accident. After this type of surgery, our Hip and Knee Replacement Aftercare Program in El Paso offers seniors specialized care to aid in their recovery. At Caring Senior Service, we believe in a team approach to care and have found that seniors who take an active role in their recovery experience better outcomes.

Safely Recovering at Home

Our caregivers will ensure the home is safe from fall hazards such as cords, stools, and throw rugs. We can help to create and maintain a clear path throughout the home to ensure the safety and well-being of seniors recovering from joint replacement surgery. We also ensure that all necessary items are stored at a safe level to prevent injury due to reaching or bending over. 

Our senior caregivers in El Paso assist with everyday tasks that may become more difficult after a hip or knee replacement. We can assist with bathing, getting dressed, bathroom use, safely exercising and stretching, and more. Caregivers can also help with light housekeeping to ensure a tidy and safe environment for seniors during their recovery.

Meal Preparation and Medication Management

Eating healthy and nutritious meals is important, especially during recovery and healing, and our caregivers can prepare delicious and nutritious meals to aid in the healing process. We pay close attention to any dietary restrictions or requirements. 

Medication is often prescribed after surgery, and our caregivers can provide friendly and timely medication reminders. We also assist with keeping an accurate inventory of all medicines and ensuring that the proper dosage and medication are taken on time.

Focusing on Healing

With our El Paso Hip and Knee Replacement Aftercare Program, seniors receive the specialized assistance they need so they can focus their efforts on healing and recovery. We provide uniquely tailored services that fit the lifestyle and needs of our seniors who have undergone hip or knee replacements. Reach out to us today to learn more about our specialty programs in El Paso and how we can help you and your family.