COPD Management Program in El Paso


Personalized Care for Seniors with COPD

It is particularly challenging to breathe and engage in activities when you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is common among seniors. With the aid of our COPD Management Program in El Paso, our caregivers are trained to understand the requirements of seniors living with COPD and can provide them with the specialized care they deserve.

Medication Reminders

Medications, inhalers, and supplemental oxygen are often prescribed to COPD patients. Our caregivers can help seniors remember to remain consistent with their medications and keep an accurate inventory. We can also assist with ensuring that the proper dosage and medication are taken when necessary. By offering friendly reminders, our senior caregiving services in El Paso help keep our seniors on track.


Eating balanced and nutritious meals is highly beneficial for health and healing. Our caregivers can prepare nutritious meals that taste great and keep your loved one healthy and strong. We are also careful to adhere to any dietary restrictions or recommendations.

Doctor Visits

Routine follow-up visits with the doctor are often necessary for seniors with COPD. At Caring Senior Service of El Paso, our senior caregiving services provide safe and timely transportation to and from medical appointments. We will ensure your loved one reaches their destination on time and is safely transported home afterward.

Difficulty Breathing and Flare-Ups

Flare-ups can happen with COPD and will create difficulties breathing. Our specialized caregivers are trained to recognize the warning signs and can act quickly when these symptoms present themselves. Living with COPD can be difficult, but with the help of our compassionate and experienced team, we can face those challenges together.

Live Well

Even though there is no cure for COPD, seniors living with COPD can still lead a fulfilling life, and we’re here to help. If you would like to learn more about our COPD Management Program in El Paso, reach out to Caring Senior Service today.