Fall Risk Prevention & Home Safety for Seniors in Cleburne, TX

Suffering a fall is difficult for anyone, but it is especially serious for the elderly. Elderly individuals are also more likely to suffer a fall because of declining eyesight, balance, coordination, and chronic medical conditions. When an elderly person falls, they can experience serious, long-term injuries and develop a fear of falling again. Caring Senior Service’s Fall Risk Specialty Program  was designed to prevent fall risks for seniors in Cleburne, TX, and help them regain their mobility and confidence.



Life after a fall can be difficult, especially for seniors who have existing medical issues. We provide specialized services that help seniors with daily tasks, mobility, exercise, personal care, and  keeping the home environment safe and clutter-free to help with elderly fall prevention.  Our Cleburne-based caregivers are specially trained to work with seniors who have specific medical conditions, helping them remain safely in the comforts of their own homes. 

Our Caregivers Provide a Secure Environment

We have a team of experienced and compassionate caregivers passionate about helping seniors age in place with our elderly fall prevention strategies.  Our Cleburne, TX, caregivers understand the frustration of experiencing a fall and the importance of avoiding future falls. Our caregivers also understand that undergoing significant surgery or dealing with imbalance increases the possibility of falling and injury. 

Helping with light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care needs, and managing errands and medications are a few things our caregivers do to improve the quality of life for our seniors. We provide a compassionate and secure environment where seniors can age at home while continuing to thrive in a familiar atmosphere.

We Provide Personal Care Assistance 

Even the most simple personal care tasks can feel overwhelming for many seniors, especially after hip or knee replacement surgery or for those who struggle with balance issues or are fall risks. Our Cleburne caregivers go above and beyond to help seniors with bathing, getting dressed, toileting, and other personal care needs with respect and dignity. 

Maintaining a Safe Home Environment

Household chores can be difficult for seniors, especially if they’re worried about falling. Our caregivers will assist with washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, laundry, dusting the furniture, and other light housekeeping chores. A tidy house is another way to provide a safer environment and protect seniors against potential falls at home. Our 43-point home safety assessment identifies potential safety concerns and recommends ways to make the home environment safer.

Our professional caregivers provide specialized programs and a variety of home care assistance services. If you would like to learn more about our Cleburne, TX, Fall Risk Specialty Program, contact Caring Senior Service today.