Longmont Area At-Home Personal Care Assistance

Our at-home personal care assistance service helps seniors in Longmont and beyond to feel more independent in their own home without taking away their dignity.


What Is Personal Care?

Personal care assistance refers to any services that help seniors perform daily activities. At Caring Senior Service, we consider personal care one of our most important duties to help seniors remain healthy and happy at home. Our senior help providers in Longmont offer at-home personal care assistance oriented to your specific needs, so you always have someone who is trained in the task you require.



Checking Handheld Shower WaterWhat Does Personal Care Include?

We offer seniors in Longmont help with at-home personal care assistance tasks, which include:

  • Getting dressed
  • Toileting
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Oral hygiene
  • Foot care
  • Mobility
  • Performing exercises

Some Things to Consider

Personal Care IconOur personal care assistant plans are completely built around your needs, preferences, and schedule. Want breakfast in bed? You got it! Our at-home personal care assistance services are designed to encourage you to maintain your independence and lifestyle.

Personal Care IconAs the top senior help assistants in Longmont, we understand that asking for help with certain tasks can be difficult or even embarrassing. Our senior caregivers offer personal care services in a discreet and respectful way to help maintain your dignity and respect your boundaries.

Calculator and Cost IconHow Much Does Personal Care Cost?

At Caring Senior Service, we charge a flat, hourly rate regardless of the services required. This rate stays the same on weekends, nights, and holidays, so you or a loved one can get care when you need it.

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