What Does Senior Care Cost in Lincoln?

By Caring Senior Service

Many seniors find themselves on a fixed monthly budget with limited incomes. This can make planning their long-term care challenging as they find costs consistently continuing to rise. Understanding the costs of your long-term care is important. This ensures that when you are planning your long-term care, you are ensuring that your money stretches far enough to lasts for your entire life expectancy.

Let's take a look at how far your money will go in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Cost of Living in Lincoln

Lincoln is located in Lancaster County, Nebraska. While this city is the capital city, it's not quite the largest city in the state. However it still boasts nearly 300,000 residents.

The cost of living in Lincoln is also a bit lower than the national average but slightly higher than the average cost of living in Nebraska. That still makes this city a great place for seniors to age in place.

Assisted Living Costs

If you are looking for an assisted living home in Lincoln, the average facility will cost you about $2,850 per month. However, some facilities have been seen to be inexpensive as $1,575/month and expensive as $4,350/month, depending on the amenities and conveniences you are looking for.

Nursing Home Costs

If you are looking for more assistance and need a nursing facility, you will be looking at paying about $3,750 per month for a semi-private room, which is equal to about $125/day. If you want a private room, it will run you about $4,650 per month or $155/day.

Home Care Costs

If those prices make is enough to make you balk, then you might consider hiring a caregiver to help you with your household chores and daily living activities. Moreover, you can have a caregiver take care of you right in the comfort of your own home rather than you having to move somewhere unfamiliar.

If you were to hire a part-time caregiver for 20 hours per week at the local rate of $19/hour, you are looking at paying about $380 per week or about $1,520/month, which is about half of the $2,850 that a full-time assisted living facility would cost.

For more information on home care near you, refer to our services. Our caregivers are more than happy to help you or a loved one get the care you need. 

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