What Does Senior Care Cost in Essex County?

By Caring Senior Service

Too many seniors fail to calculate long-term care expenses in their retirement plans. Long-term care can end up draining a fixed income if seniors aren't prepared. To help seniors in Essex County, we've put together this brief guide of the costs of long-term care options in the area. 

Cost of Living in Essex County

The cost of living in Essex County is about 50% higher than the national average in the US. That higher cost of living means that seniors living on a fixed income have to work a little harder to stretch their dollar. Not only is housing more expensive but so are the costs of long-term care. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are a great option for seniors who can no longer remain at home but who don't need round-the-clock care. Seniors looking to move into an assisted living facility are facing about $3,850 per month. However, this cost may go up depending on the living accommodations. Seniors will spend at least $2,200 per month and can spend up to $4,900 for more luxurious assisted living facilities. 

Nursing Home

Seniors who need constant medical attention or assistance may consider moving into a nursing home. However, this type of care comes at a cost. Nursing homes in Essex County range from $8,000 to $8,500 per month. 

Home Care

There is another option for seniors who need assistance: home care. A home health aide, a caregiver, or both can come to your home and provide the care you need. Home health aides can provide basic medical care, while caregivers can help with personal care, cleaning, meal preparation, and other daily tasks.

The cost for these services are only about $18 to $19 on average, making this option a lot cheaper than other long-term care options in Essex County. To put it in perspective, seniors could hire a part-time in-home caregiver for only about $1,500 per month. But seniors can request care when they need it — just a few hours or 24/7.

To learn more about home care in Essex County, review our services or reach out to our team! 


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