Jeff's Ride to Close the Gap in Brazoria County

By Caring Senior Service

On April 7th, Jeff Salter, the founder and CEO of Caring Senior Service, rode his electric bike through Brazoria County on his 9,000-mile ride to Close the Gap in Senior Care. This ride was designed to celebrate Caring's 30th anniversary and to raise awareness of the gaps that exist today in senior care. The goal is to spark a national conversation about these gaps and how we can work together to close them. 

Mike and Adie Walls welcomed Jeff with a networking event at a local winery. Jeff was able to speak about the Close the Gap movement along with the Grab the Bars fundraiser, which raises money for grab bars so that we can help close the gap in fall prevention in 2021. 

Jeff will continue from Brazoria County to visit the rest of the Caring Senior Service locations and continue to raise awareness of the movement. 

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