Hear What Clients Say about Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service caregivers build extraordinary relationships with their clients. Our clients and their families continually share their experiences and appreciation so that others can hear about the GreatCare® offered by Caring Senior Service.

My name is Byron Johnson and I recently used Caring Senior Services to help take care of my wife from May 23, 2009 thru September 20, 2009 in my home. Through this period of time she was dealing with terminal cancer.

I was extremely pleased with the service and care provided. They were very professional in all aspects of care provided. They were always punctual and treated my wife and other family members with the utmost respect. They established a rapport with my wife that made her passing much easier than expected and with dignity.

Based on the experience I and my family observed I would strongly recommend them.
Byron - Bloomington, IL

"(Caring Administrator), I cannot think and say enough good things about your service. Fred is quite an attribute to your company. Thank you for being a nice lady yourself."
Linda - San Antonio, TX

I find each of the (Caring) providers to be personable and very knowledgeable about care for elderly customers. Any time I have had questions about provider services or need assistance with meeting scheduling changes the Caring Senior Service administrative staff has been available night or day to respond to my inquiries and needs.

I am greatly pleased with Caring Senior Service and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a well-managed business that works hard to meet the needs of their customers every day
Brett - Hondo, TX

I would like to thank Caring Senior Service for the wonderful care they gave to my father. Galesburg should be proud for having a service like this in our area!

For families like myself who want to keep their loved ones in their own homes, this is the number 1 company! Annette and Julie were always a phone call away. Their staff was very caring and professional. They treated my father as if he was their father!

The caregivers did everything from bathing to housekeeping making it so I could continue working with not worrying about if dad was being cared for. Caring Senior Service has 3 outstanding employees, JoAnn, Mary and Judy who took care of dad for over a year with not one bedsore! They made his days bright and spoiled him every day. They also gave me support when things were not going well!

Words cannot say how much this company did for my family. Caring Senior Service is the right name for this company because Caring is what they do best.

Thank you and always in my prayers.
Chris (Joe) - Bloomington, IL

For the past two years, Caring Senior Services has provided exceptional care to my grandparents. Often the transition to full-time, hands-on care for seniors can be abrupt and intrusive. But Caring Senior Services, made my grandparents transition a subtle one that my grandparents embraced so much that the caretakers are now almost a part of our family. I have no doubt that the effective assistance Caring Senior Services provides my grandparents, and provides them in their home at that has prevented them from relocating to a nursing facility and therefore, has added to my grandparents' longevity.
Rev. Mark - Nashville, TN

It will soon be a year since we have been using Caring Senior Service. We have been pleased with how the office staff has worked with us, making sure that our needs are being met.

We feel very fortunate to have Edwin Sterling as our caregiver. He is very dependable, courteous and has a lot of patience.
Albert & Mary - Huntsville, AL

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