The UK's Discharge-to-Assess Model

 Has the UK Found a
Solution that will Reduce 
Hospital Readmissions in the US?

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A project to speed up hospital discharge times and improve outcomes for older people has been launched in the UK. This ‘Discharge to Assess’ model is intended to ensure speedy discharge from hospital to home and to deliver assessment in the best place. Our white paper presents a closer look at the UK model to determine if this hospital readmission reduction plan will work in the United States. This white paper analyzes:

  • Drivers for change in Hospital Discharge Procedures
  • How Discharge-to-Assess Works
  • Benefits of Discharge-to Assess
  • Challenges of Discharge-to-Assess

As efforts unfold to reduce preventable hospital readmission, it is critical that those who are leading the effort explore programs that are proving to be effective and sustainable. Because some readmissions are preventable, and being readmitted is undesirable for most patients, reducing avoidable readmissions presents a potentially large opportunity to improve the patient experience, reduce cost, and improve quality.


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