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Your Staff Was The Best Thing That Could Have Happened

Thank you (and Josh at the Lutheran Home in Wauwatosa) for introducing me to your services while I was rehabbing at the Lutheran Home from a fractured hip and numerous stress fractures up and down my lower back. 

And, for enabling me to secure service from your company from May 2019 through Oct 2019. I want to stress this was the first time that I was faced with having to secure outside help after a medical condition and while it was new to me to have a rely on others to help me with the simplest of tasks, your staff was the best thing that could have happened while I dealt and deal with challenges faced with this situation.

Emily G was on board for most of this time but before that Ellie was here to help along with Chaka and Cassie. I couldn’t have had better help, especially Emily providing assistance for the longest period during this process. She was always prompt, courteous, kind, patient, helpful beyond belief, and was understanding to my situation, always willing to do whatever she could to make me feel comfortable and secure during this very stressful person of dealing with the process of healing, getting stronger, dealing with day to day and while PT has helped and contuse to help, it is now up to me to get stronger and more self-sufficient to deal with everything, and Emily’s help encouraged me to get on that “road” to healing. Emily is a joy to be around and always made me smile and helped with my “bad” days, difficult days, sad days.


Thank you all again especially Emily, for everyone’s help during this very difficult time for me and I will be and am working hard to get back to hopefully 100%.


Very truly yours,

Susan B.

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