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You and Your Staff Are On The Very Highest Echelon

Dear Wayne,

This is a very personal letter and really should be handwritten. However, my handwriting is not the most legible, and I really want you to receive my message. 

I wish to thank you and all your staff for the dedicated, compassionate and skilled care that you gave my wife, Gloria, and to me during a very difficult time.

As you know I am retired physician who practiced medicine for fifty seven years. I have known many great nurses and aides over that time. As far as I am concerned you and your staff are on the very highest echelon-- at the very top. 

I'm not going to mention any names, other than yours and you as a director should take credit for your staff's work. If I do name people I will forget someone, and I do not want to hurt anyone. But those who were most involved in Gloria's case will know that I am thinking especially of them and that I am grateful. 

Sincerely, Austin M. 

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