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We Were Delighted

Our family was lucky enough to obtain the help of Caring Senior Service to help our 93-year-old mother with various health and household issues.

We were delighted with the professional and supportive help they provided and were especially appreciative with the warmth and caring atmosphere created by owner Cindy and caregiver Debra.

They responded to crisis in a way that a family member would. So thanks so much. And one very special note: I know from several friends and relatives that the elderly can be taken advantage of in financial matters.

But here is an instance of complete honesty. In her confusion, my mother kept stuffing cash into various purses over the years and forgetting about it. Then, in helping her straighten things out, Debra found a large supply of money in the purses [and] quickly... returned it to us. Thanks so much. Not everyone would have done that.

-Larry G. and Family

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