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We treat each other like Family

I Absolutely Love working for Caring Senior Service.Its so much more than just a job! They genuinely care about us as people not just as caregivers. Recently I had to work a double. They went out of their way and got me a gift set to relax my body and feet. I thought that was so sweet. Its Always the small things that warm my heart. We treat each other like Family. Very Warm and Welcoming Team!!!

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First-Class Operation from Top to Bottom

I was lucky to be referred to Cindy in exploring the best options for care my mother. First-class operation from top to bottom!! Cindy was beyond patient, compassionate, and kind throughout the various options that were presented. Never pushy, but definitely knows to ask the right questions and do ultimately what is best for her clients. I would highly recommend Cindy and all the services her company provides!!!!!

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They Offer the Highest Quality of Service

As an employee of Caring Senior Service, I am treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Thus, please know clients are treated even more so.

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Perfect Fit For Mom

Thank you, Cindy, for finding the perfect fit for my mom. Rosie has done a excellent job of caring for my 91-year-old mother!

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Genuine Compassion Is Hard To Find

Cindy and her team are AMAZING! Genuine compassion is hard to find!

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Thank You For Going Above and Beyond!

Cindy and her husband Lee are an amazing team! They provide staffing for our assisted living homes.

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Earned My Trust

I have a family member who is struggling with her health and desperately needs round the clock care. She is refusing to move out of the home where she has lived for over 50 years. I reached out to Cindy Sheller and got an immediate response.

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Best Senior Care

Best senior care service in Tucson.

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We Were Delighted

Our family was lucky enough to obtain the help of Caring Senior Service to help our 93-year-old mother with various health and household issues.

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Trusted and Compassionate

Cindy Sheller and her crew at Caring Senior Service are trusted and compassionate people, perfect for helping with any needs you or your family might have.

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