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Tremendous Asset to Any Family

Matt, Jackie, [and] Jo Ann have been a tremendous help to my husband and me. From the beginning of our relationship, they have been open and caring. Their attention to detail and responsiveness made for an easy transition. They have a way of anticipating needs and are able to react in a very proactive manner. They are willing to jump in and help me no matter the situation. They take the time to listen to my concerns and are able to provide solid recommendations. They bring a lot of enthusiasm and would be a tremendous asset to any family or organization they support. 

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Thanks For the Wonderful Support

Thank you for the wonderful support this past month!

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Will Bless the Lives of Many Others

It was wonderful to meet you at my dad's funeral. I'm so thankful for Amber and all the staff at [Caring Senior Service] for the wonderful care and support for both my parents, Bob and Dolores. I have no doubt that all of you will continue to bless the lives of so many others. 

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First-Class Operation from Top to Bottom

I was lucky to be referred to Cindy in exploring the best options for care my mother. First-class operation from top to bottom!! Cindy was beyond patient, compassionate, and kind throughout the various options that were presented. Never pushy, but definitely knows to ask the right questions and do ultimately what is best for her clients. I would highly recommend Cindy and all the services her company provides!!!!!

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They Offer the Highest Quality of Service

As an employee of Caring Senior Service, I am treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Thus, please know clients are treated even more so.

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Excellent & Loving Hands

This note comes as an expression of gratitude for 3 years of support you provided my mother that allowed her to stay in her home as long as possible. Not only did you develop a team of caretakers that lovingly met my mother's physical and emotional needs, you and Charity also provided support to me by meeting the varying weekly needed hours, sometimes with little notice, and by promptly responding to any concerns or questions that I had. I developed a phone friendship with your staff, as I called on an almost daily basis regarding Mom's day. I rarely received a call from staff as they were excellent problem solvers. I am looking forward to meeting in-person staff I have grown to love for their devotion to my mother. 

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Part of Our Family

Our closely-knit family found itself in a situation it simply could not handle on its own any longer. My dad began to suffer from acute dementia. This insidious illness is heartbreaking, and, if one is honest, exhausting and at times frustrating. At the same time, my mom was diagnosed and has since been battling cancer. Each of these tragedies have taken an enormous toll on my dad and mom, and it became clear that no matter how hard we tried, we could not keep up with what they needed ourselves. We needed to work, sleep, and take care of other demands as well. We reached out to Caring Senior Service.

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Patient & Kind to Mom

Joi Ashton has given me so much peace of mind by providing support services to me and care to my mother. She is patient and kind and willing to even watch tennis and play games with Mom. I have been so happy with the Senior Care Services and hope we have a long relationship!

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Thanks For Taking Such Great Care of Mom

I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you all for taking such great care of my mom. You really went above and beyond. 

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I Would've Been Lost Without You

I wanted you to know that Mom is on her way to a location for rehabilitation so we won't be needing services at this time... Thank you for everything! We would've been lost without you. Honestly, we literally would've been lost without you — I would've lost my job. I couldn't have had my first week at my job. I'm truly thankful for the gift from you and your organization.

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