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My 94-year-old mother had been in a skilled nursing facility for about 8 years. She was able to move about the facility with a walker but had limited ability to care for herself because of being legally blind and deteriorating eyesight. My mother had a couple of serious falls, which I believe was caused by lack of attention by aides. The last fall made it necessary for her to be confined to a wheelchair. This change required more attention from nursing home aides. It became apparent that my mother's needs were not being met. In looking for additional care and support for my mother, I was directed to Caring Senior Service, located in Menomonee Falls, owned and managed by Stacie and Greg Opahle.

Care and attention to my mother's needs improved immediately. Aides from Caring Senior Service took care of early morning needs to see that my mother was up, clean, properly dressed, and assisted at mealtimes. They transferred mother from the wheel chair to a lounge chair during the day so she was not alone across from nursing station during waking hours. She was able to relax in her recliner and have conversation.

Their services eventually increased to 12 hours per day. If incidences occurred during the [day], they reported this information to me. They had a care plan they actually followed along with documentation of everything that occurred during their stay. It became apparent that the nursing facility was only providing a bed and meals for my mother. I then started looking for a facility where my mother would be cared for properly 24/7. Thankfully I was able to relocate Mother to a small family-type facility that has a staff that is trained with caring personnel that meet my mother's needs.

I will always be grateful to Stacie and Caring Senior Service for the excellent services, support, and care they provided my mother and myself until I was able to find a reliable facility that met Mom's needs.

-Bev C.

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